[AMRadio] old BC AM FM or TV rigs

John Coleman jc at pctechref.com
Sat Apr 4 13:02:18 EDT 2009

        There might have been a lot of cool parts in that FM station.  For instance, I was given and old GE 10KW TV XMTR back about 30 years ago.  It had a lot of stuff I did not want, but others did, and it had a whole lot of stuff that was "way" cool that I wanted.  It had 270 degree 1ma meter movement and large precision wire wound meter multiplying resistors.  It had several large plate XFMRS and chokes.  It had oil capacitors.  Two of the chokes were 12 Hy open frame construction which Don, K4KYV, disassemble and rebuilt into a single 40Hy modulation reactor which I am very proud to have and I use still today.  There were mercury vapor rectifiers and filament XFMRS.  All of these things an more (I can't name all) were used in the construction of my PP-304tL rig.  And parts that I did not want went all over the South,  Of course you must have an empty garage to do all this in and that is where most folks say "no", as they might to building their own vehicle from scrap.  If I had it to do now I would have to say "no" because there is just no time or space in my life right now.  Hopefully that will change before I get to old to walk.

Anyway I hope someone got the old FM rig and used the parts.
John, WA5BXO

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I would love to participate in this but I have no vintage equipment right now.  Except for my linear amplifier I am running Kenwood which with the heil mike and good dsp audio settings I am told I have excellent audio.  My amplifier is American made TenTec Titan 425 and easily makes legal limit on am with about 10 watts of drive giving my transciever a lot of headroom.  I do have a camcorder and a digital camera that can shoot video and a video capture card in my pc.  I watched the video and was impressed but like most I am not fortunate to have a broadcast transmitter.  I was offered one a couple of years ago from a station that went dark but it was FM so I knew I could not use it for ham.
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