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VJB wa3vjb at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 4 22:43:33 EDT 2009

THANKS FOR THE COMMENTS, all, but I can only flip it back and say it was the company I was keeping that night that made the video real good....


Hi Bob, to answer -- 

> Question:  Is the Youtube audio straight off your camera? 
> Or did you dub in audio from the tape?   It's amazingly
> good, next best thing to being there, hi.
> 73, Bob W9RAN

This video production was an experiment, done "live" while I was on the radio, without a lot of planning, with me being cameraman and radio operator all at once. That said, the finished product feels like being on the radio, and that's the point. I see all kinds of places to dress it up next time.

I "rolled tape" with that open-reel machine during the entire evening, as seen there, and separately with the Canon point-and-shoot, took video of a variety of shots, angles and moments in the roundtable.  This allowed me to move around for those shots without having to keep the camera pointed at a speaker for the audio.

However, when you hear my voice, that's directly from the camera's front-mounted electret condenser mic., and the waveform on the scope is real-time. At one point, I lose my frame (scope goes way off the picture's left somewhere) because I was messing with some on-air control and wasn't paying attention to the camera.  Has a certain verité look to it, yes ?

All the off-air audio was from the SP600 diode output into a bridging amp into the line level input of the open-reel machine. The Otari tape deck's output is looped back through the station audio mixer so I can hear my local mic and receive audio with one set of headphones, T/R. 

Astute viewers have noticed that the audio processing chain remained active even on receive (meters were deflecting). That's because the mixer continued to "drive" the input of the audio chain even though the transmitter wasn't keyed.

I later went back to the tape and took representative audio segments received from the various stations, and then laid down those "sound bites," covered with suitable video from the camera. Camera audio was discarded except those two brief segments of myself.

Are you interested in trying to do at least a two-person video QSO ?  I'd take your audio and video and produce it like this one. You could easily bolt your receive audio into, say, your open-reel recorder, later render it through your computer into a wav or an MP3 file, and burn it to a DVD along with a pile of MPG video from youd point and shoot. I'd match it up during production.

Would enjoy teaming up.



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