[AMRadio] Bc 779

Joe Dube kk4tr at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 8 14:25:32 EDT 2009

! have 2 BC 779's. One with A RA 74C Pwr Supply and the other with a smaller one that does not have a ID number on it but appears to to a much smaller copy of the RA 74 C.  The smaller one works as advertised But THe RA 74 is putting out nearly 2 times the voltqages that the manual says it is supposed to. I have checked all the components and they are exhibiting the proper resistances and the main pwr transformer is putting out the proper 6.3 V for the filiments.  Am I missintg something here.???  The power supply seems to be working properly except for the high voltage readings. I am hesitant to plug it up to any of the receiver that I have that use this model supply.  Can anyone out there tell me if I have missed something. 
Joe Dube K4TR

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