[AMRadio] 160 Meter Operation from WFEA Tower Site

Radio Station KW1I kw1i at earthlink.net
Thu Apr 9 22:12:44 EDT 2009

Tomorrow night (Friday, April 10) around midnite after WFEA (1370 kHz), 
Manchester, NH shuts down for the day K1PJS will come up on 1885 kHz or so 
with a T368 and the 350 ft Blaw-Knox "Diamond" tower.

KW1I will be operating on the same frequency with a Collins 300G (275 watts) 
and an inverted - L (65 ft vertical, 120 ft, horizontal and 20 - 120 ft 
radios in the SW quadrant).  KW1I is located in Bow, NH about 25 miles north 
of WFEA.  Comparison reports will be solicited to evaluate the Blaw-Knox 
antenna advantage.

Peter, K1PJS will be sending out a special QSO for all contacts.


Info on the Blaw-Knox tower at WFEA: 

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