[AMRadio] [Hamvention] Re: Motorhomes in Flea Market Area

Larry WA9VRH wa9vrh at dishmail.net
Sat Apr 18 21:55:25 EDT 2009

HI Guys,

You know what??

Here is a person asking an honest question (and I may be wrong)

But all you give him back is bullshit! What the hell are you thinking??

Dayton will probably be down a  lot this year. Me no I will not be there as 
I just went back to work after a 3 month lay off.

Why are you trying to discourage someone from going??  Do you want it to 
fail for GOOD!!!!

Well if so go to H.......  I want to be back there next year!  NO I don't go 
to make a fourtune  I go to see friends. Probably something you narrow 
minded people do not understand.

If you don't like Dayton STAY HOME!   We who enjoy it will NOT care!

I would give my left NUT to be there to see all the friends that I will not 
be able to see this year... I wonder how many will not be there next year 
for me to see.    Any of you jerks ever thought of that???

Bill N4BKT  I am sorry for our fellow hams that are a sorry sort. Please 
wait for the reply from that Hamvention as I believe they will give you a 
negative answer. But at least it won't be full of answers comming out of 
assholes instead of brains.

73 Larry WA9VRH

Sorry but I have to post this to other list to keep ths crap in line. We 
don't need to trash Dayton we need to help keep it going because it probably 
will never be able to be replaced!

Larry WA9VRH

  ----- Original Message ----- 
  From: KE4WLE
  To: hamvention at yahoogroups.com
  Sent: Saturday, April 18, 2009 8:21 PM
  Subject: [Hamvention] Re: Motorhomes in Flea Market Area

  Aren't there man-eating guard dogs too?

  73 de ke4wle

  --- In hamvention at yahoogroups.com, jdlong0624 at ... wrote:
  > You are not allowed to stay over night in the Flea Market! Hamvention 
  > Trotwood police does not allow it. However there is limited RV parking 
  > "camping" for Vendors just out side the fleamarket surrounding the ADA
  > parking, onsite. There is a fee, and there is no hook-ups.
  > There is also no moving the Motorhome once its there, they put them in
  > pretty tight. I think they want you there Thursday night and out by 
  > There is normally 10-12 Vendors and/or Hamvention staff who stay there. 
  > you are interested send me an email, and I can get you in contact with 
  > Hamvention person responsible for that lot.
  > It will be very very hard to get a motorhome in and out of the 
  > Plus there is no access to your booths after hours, the flea-market is
  > locked down, gates closed, and guards posted.
  > KD8BVB

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