[AMRadio] New Member -- Hello All

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Tue Apr 21 21:23:06 EDT 2009

Hi Neil,

Welcome aboard and wish you good luck as you return to AM.

Derb is a kind fellow who will do all he can to help you with your 
SBG-201.  He normally is found here


In the search box type Gonset and you will find a wealth of 
information about the amp and how to contact Derb.



----- Original Message ----- 

> My name is neil and I live in Bronx near the two Yankee Stadiums. 
> I have
> not worked AM since my homebrew amp (4 x 572b) died about a year 
> ago.   I am
> soon expecting a Gonset SBG-201 and my research on web led me to 
> the many
> postings from N32DRB.   I want to fully convert it to 572b tubes 
> with a
> full  2700 vdc on the plates.
> Most of my past AM operation was on 7.290 in the late morning 
> (EST) where I
> would chat with an older gentlmen that I have not heard in a long 
> time.   I
> hope to learn more about working AM on 80 meters.  I have an 80 
> meter dipole
> that runs NNW to SSE in pretty straight line about 75 feet from 
> the
> ground.
> I also hope to learn about Derb's experience with his Gonset.   My 
> primary
> radio is an Alinco DX-70.   That's about all for now I look 
> forward to
> reading all your postings in the future.
> neil, ka2tus  / n2eye

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