[AMRadio] Is the novelty of the "new" 40mbandwearing offalready?

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Thu Apr 23 10:39:31 EDT 2009

Probably the best way to attack this situation is, all of us who 
can, use all frequencies available.  I am a extra so when I go into 
the shack to check for activity, I tune to 7.280-95 then down to 
7.160 to see who is on the air.  I don't make a decision about who 
to talk with by frequency.

So if there is a good signal on 7.293, I will be there.  I urge 
others to do the same and those who are Generals to upgrade if they 
choose.  Personally I was a General (Conditional class) from 1956 
until 1973 and saw nothing bad about it.  I did the upgrade in 1973 
because of the possibility of Incentive Licensing restrictions. 
Then I went to Advanced and stayed there until the next round of the 
FCC actions about licenses in 2000.  I decided to get the Extra 
because I was tired of them fooling with my frequencies and 

So if someone doesn't want to change license class that is just 
great with me.  As I said I don't make my decisions about my 
conversations by license class but by signal strength and quality. 
Knowing most of the people who posted to this discussion topic, I 
don't believe it was meant to be exclusionary, just an attempt to 
promote activity and to use frequencies most AM operators haven't 
been using for quite a while.  Welcome aboard to all.


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> Al,
> Thanks for your comments regarding "all" hams. I didn't meant to 
> get a small
> fire going the other day when I made my comments regarding the 
> "extra"
> waiting at 7160 with nothing going on down there.
> I've been on this list for some time, and with the recent changes 
> in the
> B'cast stations on 40 all you would see were comment about the 
> "old a.m.
> freq of 7160 and let's all hit it and get going with A.M. again.
> Well looking at the March issue of QST page 59 shows that there 
> are 207,000
> general and advance licensees, and 115,500  Extra's.  One would 
> think that
> we all would not want to leave out the 207,000 general/advances 
> potential
> a.m. op's in our conversation. I've made comments about this in 
> the past and
> received the comment about up grading.
> Now I understand that in these "new day's" when it's NOT Fair to 
> keep
> someone from doing what they want and in time the FCC will issue 
> tickets
> like a fishing lic. It's still not there yet. I plan to up grade 
> in time,
> Sorry for my run on mouth here.
> I'll be on 40 tonight running all the power I can ( 100-120watt 
> a.m.)
> calling c.q. 7190 to 7180. 7 p.m. est I'm in Jacksonville, Fl, but 
> I do
> throw a good signal up the east coast and out towards Alabama and
> Mississippi.
> Bob
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> Gentlemen: As in every aspect of life we go as far as we can and 
> as far as
> our understanding will take us. I for one have fought higher math 
> and
> "Theroy" all my life and it does not click. So, I will be the best 
> General
> operator I can be. I can probably shot better than most and 
> survive in a
> hostile environment better than most but I cannot understand and 
> fathom
> theory.
> Yes I could memorize the test but, I still would not be any more 
> qualified
> than I am right now. We need to compromize and keep the hobby 
> alive and work
> "All" licensed hams.
> Al Perkins 1SG RET.
>> Date: Wed, 22 Apr 2009 11:04:23 -0400

>> On Wed, Apr 22, 2009 at 10:06 AM, Bob Carpenter
>> <bcarpenter_tpc at bellsouth.net> wrote:
>> > The "extra's" can't understand why "everybody" is not down 
>> > there ! Might
>> > help if someone would pick a freq. that all HF ham's could use. 
>> > There
> answer
>> > is get off your butt and up grade.
>> I don't think that's it at all, Bob - particularly since there's
>> virtually zero activity up in the General portion as well. Nor is 
>> the
>> answer to "pick a freq.'" as that simply boxes us in and sets up
>> expectations for the anti-AM crowd to insist 'get back where you
>> belong'. Upgrading is always a plus (I'm only a lowly Advanced, 
>> my
>> license class doesn't even exist anymore in the testing 
>> structure!)
>> since it allows you full access to all amateur privileges, but at 
>> the
>> end of that day - getting on the air and off the internet is the 
>> only
>> way to improve activity - regardless of mode. The only 'radio 
>> season'
>> is the one we choose to impose personally. Static and 
>> interference -
>> intentional or otherwise - have always been an issue we've had to
>> contend with.
>> Those who want to operate will be on the air, those who just want 
>> to
>> talk about it online will continue to do so.
>> ~ Todd, KA1KAQ/4

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