[AMRadio] Is the novelty of the "new" 40m band wearing off already?

rbethman rbethman at comcast.net
Thu Apr 23 14:43:02 EDT 2009

Yep!  Been doing that between storms.

Rx is an SP-600, Tx is choice of what's in shack.  BC-610, DX-60 
w/HG-10, even a ricebox into an Amp Supply LK-500Z.

Definitely NOT afraid to move around!  Haven't owned ANYTHING with 
"channels" since the early '70s!  Only had it to get around accidents.

Bob - N0DGN

Peter A Markavage wrote:
> Calling CQ on a clear frequency for your class of license is probably the
> best source of action. The band isn't that big to tune around for
> contacts, and, if tuning around for contacts and/or calling CQ seems to
> cause you dismay, maybe you need to get on "channel radio" and leave the
> real radio operating to amateurs who have a tuning knob on their
> receivers and a VFO for their transmitters.
> Pete, wa2cwa


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