[AMRadio] Is the novelty of the "new" 40m bandwearing

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Thu Apr 23 16:30:14 EDT 2009

> From: "Bob Carpenter" <bcarpenter_tpc at bellsouth.net>

> Thanks for your comments regarding "all" hams. I didn't meant to get a 
> small
> fire going the other day when I made my comments regarding the "extra"
> waiting at 7160 with nothing going on down there.
> I've been on this list for some time, and with the recent changes in the
> B'cast stations on 40 all you would see were comment about the "old a.m.
> freq of 7160 and let's all hit it and get going with A.M. again.
> Well looking at the March issue of QST page 59 shows that there are 
> 207,000
> general and advance licensees, and 115,500  Extra's.  One would think that
> we all would not want to leave out the 207,000 general/advances potential
> a.m. op's in our conversation.


There is no exclusive Extra Class phone portion on 40.  7125-7175  *is* open 
to advanced class licensees.  Of course, if you now hold a General class 
ticket it is effectively limited to Extra Class since that is the only 
available upgrade above General.

Don, k4kyv


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