[AMRadio] How to reply to someone else's post

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Thu Apr 23 16:48:00 EDT 2009

Users of this reflector need to review the proper etiquette for responding 
to other people's messages.

I subscribe to the digest versions of all the mail groups I participate in; 
otherwise I would literally have to sort through hundreds of e-mail messages 
every day.  One thing that annoys me TO NO END is scrolling through the 
messages and seeing the same original message  repeated again and again, 
sometimes dozens of times.  The same would still be true if I  received each 
posting as a separate e-mail message, maybe even more so.

Not only is it annoying to have to download the same text over and over 
again, it loads down the server with unnecessary bandwidth.

It is a very simple matter, when responding to a message, to go through and 
delete everything in the original message except  those  lines that are 
pertinent to the comments you make in your reply.  Sometimes, messages are 
laden not only with the complete verbatim text of the most recent reference 
including all the headers and signatures, but often the full text/headers of 
the preceding Re:'s and Re:Re's.  It becomes difficult to sort out exactly 
what the new message has to say because the text of the current posting is 
well hidden between the lines of all the unnecessary repetitive garbage.

Please, when replying to someone else's posting,  have a little 
consideration for those who will have to sort through all the repetitive 
text to find out what you just typed.  If  your posting includes the text of 
the original message at all, go through, highlight and delete everything 
that does not directly relate to your reply.

Don k4kyv

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