[AMRadio] State of the Hobby!

alton young w4bni at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 23 18:32:00 EDT 2009

You know when the f.c.c. dumbed down the commercial license and we all know why ,that amateur radio was not far behind .the people that want something for nothing is the reason of the state of amateur radio ,The tech class was a good class for the vhf uhf experimenters and served its purpose well but i never taught the tech test if you could pass you could get a general and most of the guys upgraded to advanced or extra  given this day and time we live in there is no excuse at all for someone not upgrading other than just being lazy.I listen each evening to most of the a.m. spots and dx windows and dont hear as much as i would like .I wish everyone would at least get a general and use the spectrum .Good luck.W4BNI

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Reading the comments about upgrading to EXTRA makes me think about ham radio has changed over the years.

I have a collection of ARRL Handbooks ranging from the mid 50's to the mid 90's and a 2003 edition.

If you look at the technical articles through the years you can see the DUMBING down.

Part of what seems to happened is that the change to solid state design and construction has made building complex HB projects too difficult or time consuming for the average hobbyist. Also the availability of some components is getting difficult or expensive.

Homebrewing with tube gears was and still is easier than working with solid state stuff. And I am a retired design EE.

Bob Macklin
Kent (Seattle), Wa,
"Real Radios Glow in the Dark"
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