[AMRadio] Is the novelty of the "new" 40m bandwearing

Al Perkins alsan19420 at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 23 21:51:16 EDT 2009

Thanks for the kind words Jim. I did not mean to stir up a hornets nest but I should have know there would be the "I hate no code" Mentality. I'll just slide into the shadows and obtain another AM rig and come on the air. I like many are just worried about our frequencies and to treat even the newest Tech with respect and help not hinder for cohesiveness as was accomplished in my units that I commanded. 

Well until another day. I am a Native from N. Cal by the way. Los Banos and Sonora. 

73 OM

Allen KA1KIX


> From: Tonne at Comcast.net
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> Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2009 17:04:34 -0400
> Subject: Re: [AMRadio] Is the novelty of the "new" 40m bandwearing
> Al Perkins:
> Don't them then grind you down! The Extra offers some
> advantages such as some more frequencies you can use
> but sometimes I wonder if perhaps it is mostly an ego
> thing.
> When I took the Extra exam it impressed me as being
> more of an IQ test than anything else. 
> I originally had an Extra back when it really meant something,
> when you had to copy 20 wpm of junk, when you had to
> know some theory. Then I did one of the stupidest things 
> imaginable: I let it run out. 
> Shortly after that I again got my Advanced and then the
> Extra. I did this so I could use any of the frequencies 
> without worrying about General versus Extra bandedges.
> .
> - Jim WB6BLD
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