[AMRadio] Is the novelty of the "new" 40mbandwearing

Al Perkins alsan19420 at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 23 21:54:02 EDT 2009

I agree. Just get on and talk to as many as will respond. Our frequencies are still in jepordy.

Allen KA1KIX


> From: k4kyv at charter.net
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> Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2009 16:26:52 -0500
> Subject: Re: [AMRadio] Is the novelty of the "new" 40mbandwearing
> > Probably the best way to attack this situation is, all of us who
> > can, use all frequencies available. I am a extra so when I go into
> > the shack to check for activity, I tune to 7.280-95 then down to
> > 7.160 to see who is on the air. I don't make a decision about who
> > to talk with by frequency.
> >
> > So if there is a good signal on 7.293, I will be there. I urge
> > others to do the same and those who are Generals to upgrade if they
> > choose. Personally I was a General (Conditional class) from 1956
> > until 1973 and saw nothing bad about it. I did the upgrade in 1973
> > because of the possibility of Incentive Licensing restrictions.
> > Then I went to Advanced and stayed there until the next round of the
> > FCC actions about licenses in 2000. I decided to get the Extra
> > because I was tired of them fooling with my frequencies and
> > privileges.
> >
> > So if someone doesn't want to change license class that is just
> > great with me. As I said I don't make my decisions about my
> > conversations by license class but by signal strength and quality.
> > Knowing most of the people who posted to this discussion topic, I
> > don't believe it was meant to be exclusionary, just an attempt to
> > promote activity and to use frequencies most AM operators haven't
> > been using for quite a while. Welcome aboard to all.
> >
> > Jim/W5JO
> I don't know why they even bother to keep the US amateur bands segmented 
> with all these subbands and sub-sub bands. The whole concept of incentive 
> licensing was obviously abandoned long, long ago; even the ARRL now publicly 
> admits that amateur radio is no longer a technically oriented endeavour but 
> a "communicator's hobby". The League even took most of the technical stuff 
> out of QST and squirreled it away in that separate publication that even 
> full members have to pay extra for, QEX, based on the notion that the 
> majority of QST readers would have no interest in technical articles. Not 
> only did incentive licensing prove to be a dismal falure in terms of its 
> stated purpose, which was to enhance the technical knowledge and skills of 
> the amateur radio population, if anything, IL after it went into effect in 
> 1968, *accelerated* the demise of technical experimentation, home-building 
> and AM phone. Just look back at any of the amateur radio magazines of the 
> pre-inncentive licensing era, 73, CQ, Ham Radio or QST, and compare the 
> content to what you see in CQ or QST to-day.
> Due to the present sub-band/sub-sub-band structure, large segments of every 
> HF band have turned into vast wastelands with no US activity, period, while 
> other segments remain overly congested, and much of the spectrum where phone 
> is used world-wide remains off limits to US hams and US hams only. It 
> reminds me of the Jim Crow South in the pre-civil rights era: when using 
> phone US hams are relegated to the back of the bus.
> We should simply go the way of Canada, UK and many other countries round the 
> world that have only a couple of classes of licence, offering "limited" and 
> "full" privileges. The limited entry level class would have limited 
> privileges not based on band segments, but perhaps based on maximum power 
> level and/or access only to certain bands or modes. That was the way it 
> actually was prior to 1968, when we had Novice (very limited CW privileges), 
> Technician (all privileges above a certain VHF/UHF frequency), and General 
> (full amateur privileges). Our sub-bands and sub-sub-bands based on such a 
> complex matrix of operator class and modes of emission is nothing short of 
> ridiculous, and no such a thing exists anywhere else in the world.
> Don k4kyv
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