[AMRadio] Tower Base Insulator for 160m Vertical

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Sun Apr 26 16:15:36 EDT 2009

You could put it up standard without base insulators and either 
shunt feed it or make a folded unipole.  Either work well and it is 
much cheaper.  Some BC stations use folded unipoles and do real 


>> A friend of mine is thinking of putting up a 125' tower for 160m 
>> use on
>> AM.
>> He's collecting up old TV tower sections
>> from folks who are no longer using them for TV, and the plan is 
>> to build a
>> vertical out of it. Here's the $65K question he threw at me
>> and I thought I'd open it up to the group. What can he reliably 
>> use as
>> base
>> insulators for this tower/antenna project??
>> Anyone had any experience with building a vertical like this, and 
>> have a
>> suggestion?
>> Mike - N3EAQ

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