[AMRadio] Base Insulators for 125' tower

Bernie Doran qedconsultants at embarqmail.com
Sun Apr 26 22:11:45 EDT 2009

HI Mike: I still stand by my use of Lexan. 120 feet of Rohn weighs less than 
400 pounds, down force from guys could add another 250 pounds or so. Lexan 
has a compressive strength of over six tons per square inch.   your limit is 
not the Lexan, rather what the tower will sit on, IE concrete base or what, 
and not sink into the ground. .  If you really want a nice looking 
insulator, solvent weld  (use only the solvent for Lexan)  a column four to 
five inches tall and machine in a lathe.  nearly any diameter would be ok, 
but I would probably go four to six inch dia.  if you think it must pivot 
add a small trailer hitch ball and socket.    This is not a BC station 
tower. also consider only going 80 feet and either top load or base load. 
there is no differance in radiation pattern than a 120 foot tower, only the 
Z. most important is the radial system. if your friend is not willing to lay 
down at least 60 radials at least 120 feet long, he is already seriously 
limiting himself. Use very small copper wire and lay on the surface 
stretched tight, it will vanish in the grass.  ebay is a good source of 
wire. he will need miles of it. my 80/40 verticles have 9.25 miles of wire 
in the radial system.  I use aluminum irrigation pipe, very light and easy 
to pull up by hand or with a small machine.    Lexan is very tough stuff, I 
would not be surprised if 1/2 inch would stop a .357. one inch would do it 
easily.     Bernie W8RPW

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> Hi Folks,
> A friend of mine is thinking of putting up a 125' tower for 160m use on 
> AM.
> He's collecting up old TV tower sections
> from folks who are no longer using them for TV, and the plan is to build a
> vertical out of it. Here's the $65K question he threw at me
> and I thought I'd open it up to the group. What can he reliably use as 
> base
> insulators for this tower/antenna project??
> Anyone had any experience with building a vertical like this, and have a
> suggestion?
> Mike - N3EAQ
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