[AMRadio] Seeking advice on "wires in trees"

Morris Dillingham mdilli at nnwifi.com
Tue Apr 28 17:17:00 EDT 2009

Use twice as much rope.  It's still cheaper than a climber and much safer.
Get one rope up and over the high limb first. (Slingshot/fishing reel method
or your choice.  This one is to get the pulley up where it's needed.)
Attach a pulley by its swivel to one end.  Put second rope through pulley
and hoist the whole mess up into the tree with the second rope dangling both
ends down on the ground. Secure lower end of first rope so that it doesn't
go anywhere. Attach one end of wire to second rope. Pull other end of second
rope to hoist antenna wire.  Tie everything off securely except the second
rope which should be looped down in the shape of a "J" with a bucket of
bricks suspended by a second pulley in the bottom of the "J".  Attach the
lower end of the "J" to a low branch and you have a compensated tension on
your antenna that can accommodate winds and can be easily lowered for
maintenance.  Of course the other end of the antenna would be the same
except for the weighted bucket would not be needed, just tie off the ropes.
My version of this has been up three years and survived lots of storms.  Too
bad I can't draw a picture of this so I hope it's clear enough.

73 de 
Morris KI4IUA

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> I am going to need to have some tree work done before long.? At the
> present time, my antennas are held up in lower limbs by cords I have
> gotten over limbs by various methods.? I keep looking up higher at the
> tall pines and wondering if I could employ a tree climber to mount some
> kind of "permanent" support such as a pulley near the top.
> Would like to receive suggestions from folks that have done this and
> achieved relative permanence for antenna supports.? Thanks for your
> consideration.
> 73 de John, K5SEE
> "When CW is no longer required, it will be a necessity." de K5SEE
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