[AMRadio] Gary Carson, KD5CPL

Bob Peters rwpeters at swbell.net
Tue Aug 18 14:50:07 EDT 2009

Jim Thank you so much for the info... I have
informed Mason who was tight with Gary...Sorry to
hear that...
Gary was a normal check in on 3.90 Texoma Net... I
will inform the Net on Saturday..

Bob W1PE

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Many of you in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and
Arkansas remember Gary. 
He lived in Oklahoma City and used a Globe
Champion with a 75A 
series receiver.  Over a year ago he developed a
viral infection 
that paralyzed him and confined him to a long term
care facility.

Gary passed away the 10th of this month.  I just
received a message 
from his wife today so it is a bit late to send
any thing.


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