[AMRadio] EF Johnson Messenger II on 10 Mtrs - Project

WØTDH w0tdh at hughes.net
Thu Aug 20 15:25:12 EDT 2009

EF Johnson Messenger II on 10 Mtrs - Project

Some progress. Xmtr now puts out about 6 watts on 29.100kc. Tweaked tank & by-passed R-48.
Dave - WB1EAD sent me a xtal for 29.100kc  ( xmit ).

Rcvr another story. Still fiddling with the rcvr VFO. ( Continuous rcve function )
Schematic attached if anyone has an idea of how to bring rcve up to 29.000 / 29.100kc area.

Dale - W4OP states xtals are third harmonic. Rcve xtals are less 455kc. Will order a few from Brian. 

Using xtals on rcve, should just be a matter of tweaking..... I hope. 
Still would like to use the continuous rcve function though.  
L-113 ( shown L-13 in schematic ), does adjust as does the trimmer C-111 attached to it, but not nearly enough. 
Add / subtract capacitance? 
There are two small disk caps with one side of their leads twisted together ( gimmic? ) in the VFO area.

Any help would great.



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