[AMRadio] Metal enclosure for boatanchor receiver

Ka9p ka9p at aol.com
Wed Aug 26 18:55:24 EDT 2009

Hey Joe -

Someone could put one of their extra SX88's in there if it was deep enough :)

I'd have to go with a rack mount HRO or spare Viking 1.  

Everything else here is 10 3/4.

Good Luck.


In a message dated 08/26/09 17:18:49 Central Daylight Time, jdube1 at bellsouth.net writes:
I recently purchased a Receiver enclosure on ebay that was advertised to 
good for eithe a collins, hammarlund or hallicrafters receiver.  After I 
received nd tried to put my collins 51j3 in the box I discovered it was not 
wide enough.  The opening was only 8 34 inches as opposed to the 10 1/2 
inces that it called for.  The width is ok at 19 inches. Does anyone have 
any idea wht receiver/Transmitter will fit in this enclosure. I want to sell 
it but I need to know what gear will fit in it so I can advertise it 
correctly this time.  Thanks for any help. 

Joe Dube K4TR 
K4TR Antenna Mfg & Sales 

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