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This type of switch is commonly found in the GP-7 tuning units and 
others of that series of Westinghouse mfg., and also in the TBW/GO-9 
series. I have some of these components but no spare parts, sorry.
 They may also have been used in other pre-war sets from other mfgs.
Very nice switches usable well beyond the ratings of the unit itself. 
They just do not build them that way anymore.

Centralab has a series that are probably rated for your requirements 
but they are easily 2 inches across leaving little clearance for 
connections to the terminals. If nothing turns up for you I can dig up 
what I have of the series out of storage
to see if they would work. These had been inventoried before putting 
away but the lists were lost in a fire.

Let me know.

KB3DKS in 1 Land

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It is the multifinger type wiper that has the dots on the base that
come in contact as the wiper rotates.

TNX & 73


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