[AMRadio] 3.860

Jim ars-w5jo at brightok.net
Tue Dec 1 17:34:16 EST 2009

I am listening to a new group of guys using AM on about 3.860 and it 
near 4:15 PM.  They are guys that I have never heard before and are 
using break-in procedures.

I have heard one identify and he is in Houston.so I expect they are 
scattered along the Gulf Coast and in South Texas.  From what I can 
tell they are using rice boxes with amplifiers and are doing pretty 
good with everything.  One of them is adept at directing the others 
on how to set the mic gain, AGC and other controls on the 

He also understands very well not to use more than ~50 watts into 
the amp, depending on what amp they use.  One of them states he is 
running 350 watts, another said (gasp) 500 watts.

The real funny part is the SSB guys who like to live between 3.855 
and 3.870 are not happy at all.  I just heard another guy identify 
and he is in Brownwood, TX.  Another of them is mobile but I can't 
hear the call.  The static from the storm is a bit much for me to 
hear all of them.

So watch for these guys and lets encourage them to keep it up.



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