[AMRadio] Just joined the group

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Tue Dec 1 22:21:31 EST 2009

Welcome Charlie,

In AZ there are several stations that operate in the mornings on 160. 
Or at least they did in past years.  Frequency was 1.885.  Two who I 
know are Gary/W7GMK in Vail and Lock/W1ZD in Phoenix.  Great guys to 
have around for a nice QSO.  There are many others in that neighborhood, 
Dennis/W7QHO but I have never heard Dennis on 160.  I have worked him on 
75 and 40 meters both.  You are in good company and there are others in 
that area that haunt this group.

You are in a better location to work the west coast guys and some of 
them will come along and give you frequencies.  Other than that welcome 
and just be yourself.  Most of the guys in the South and Southwest do 
the roundtable thing with transmissions lasting from 1 minute to 5 and 
in a few cases more than that.  In the NE they use a lot of break-in 
type of operation.  Just give the call of the station to transmission 
and  your call when you cease transmitting so everyone will know you are 
through.  Other than that welcome aboard.



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> Hello all,
> I have just humbly joined the AMRadio mailing list as a nubie although 
> have
> been hamming since 1963.
> I have recently got the bug to get back on AM again after many many 
> years
> and have Ranger II
> which I am preparing to go on the air with soon (plan to operate 
> mostly on
> 75 and 160).
> So, I need to learn all the rules and want to be a good "AM citizen". 
> Will
> appreciate any
> pointers to get me off to the right start.
> Thanks and best 73 to all
> Charlie
> Mesa, Arizona

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