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Todd Carpenter n9ysq at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 2 06:42:05 EST 2009

I dont know if anyone could hear me or not. If you could, please send me an email. I would like to know how that setup sounds. Before i begin my diatribe let me say that other than aprs, spread spectrum, ale, and ham over internet link, i like most facits of ham radio. That includes the dx capabilities of ssb, especially ssb qrp on the high bands. I just about like it all. I started out this morning on 7180 calling on am after listening to see if it was clear, and even asking if it was on ssb and am. 5 minutes into my calling a ssb op comes on asks if the frequency was being used then almost immediately calls several hams around the midwest including texas and canada I am sure that one of them had to have heard me say on ssb that the frequency was being used. Now i know that my setup is not the most efficient its a work in progress. I do know that my efficiency is around 12 watts out for the meager 100 watts to the antenna. I can usually work from NY state to Texas with it on ssb. So i am sure someone heard me. I was just ignored. This isnt the first time this has happened to me. It is irritating though! Someday i am going to build an amp and a heavy duty antenna for my truck so that i can feed a 1500 watt carrier to the antenna. I would bet that they could hear some cw or the am signal i could put out with that ( with my present effeciency that would be about 150 to 200 watts erp). I could put my mobile rice rig in beacon mode. That could be interesting. Thanks for trying to hear me. Maybe tomorrow on 7185 again if i am awake enough as i drive.
73, Todd 

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