[AMRadio] Shucks!!!!!

rbethman rbethman at comcast.net
Wed Dec 2 14:55:01 EST 2009

Yep!  We ALL do things like that.

I "think" it is mostly based on haste.  We are trying rapidly to get the 
answer in hand!

I've made similar "errors", and the words in the shack are NOT post 

[ROTFLMAO!]  Been there done that......

Bob - N0DGN

John Dilks K2TQN wrote:
> Don't worry about it John.  If your old brain is like mine, you won't 
> remember by morning.
> 73, John
> At 02:34 PM 12/2/2009, John King wrote:
>> Back to SQUARE ONE!!! NOW WHUT??? It is terrible to be OLD but worse 
>> to be OLD AND DUMB!! 73, John, K5PGW

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