[AMRadio] Muting the R390 on transmit

Jerry K w5kp at hughes.net
Wed Dec 2 20:35:46 EST 2009

My apologies to one and all on the list, and particularly to John. It 
appears I led him down the wrong path due to my chronic 390A/non-A 
confusion factor disease. I've spent so much time fooling with 390A's 
that when I read or hear the numbers "390", my mind involuntarily tacks 
on the "A" without me even noticing it. That's gotten me in trouble more 
than once.

Non-A's are great receivers, but I must admit I have never owned one. 
Sorry, John.

73, Jerry W5KP

John King wrote:
> Thanks for the source of information, Jerry. I have looked at the schematic on the Y2K site and see relay 601, the break in relay. Now I must physically locate it and determine if the relay is indeed bad. I have 12.95 vac at terminal 9 on the terminal board  on rear of R390. Now to locate the relay and determine if a component between the power source and the relay coil is bad. I suspect a resistor that may be in series with the relay coil voltage supply  "in my imagination" because I haven't located such a resistor. I remember a faint smell of hot carbon when I first attempted to energize the relay by grounding terminal 9 and additionally, I observed slight arcing when I connected the grounded alligator clip to terminal 9.  If the foregoing tells you anything, please feel free to direct me. Thanks again and 73, John, K5PGW

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