[AMRadio] 7.185 +/-

VJB wa3vjb at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 3 20:39:52 EST 2009

Hi Todd,

Good that you're trying to establish some AM action "down low" on 40m.  i have to wonder about the time of day though.  Have you done any listening in your target area where other AM stations might receive you ?

I recommend checking reception on a tuneable, streaming audio HF website called globaltuners.com.

You can key up, call CQ, and immediately know whether and how strong you would be heard by a station in the region where the internet-based receiver is located.

I have found this resource very valuable in determining whether band supports propagation anywhere !!! let alone to area where specific AM stations are located.

It also may prove important as you check your 80meter antenna performance, and as you refine any audio shortcomings you may have. I wouldn't sweat the audio part of it for now, compared to getting on the air, but sure, you would want to know.

Here's a screen shot, with audio, of how I heard my own station as I called CQ recently.  I went from camera mic audio to direct-coupled audio from the computer's sound card. The quality is adequate to reveal any problems.

I was running a 1946 Collins 300-G, retired as the original transmitter of WUST in Washington, DC.


Best wishes,



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