[AMRadio] deliberate encroachment

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Sat Dec 5 22:41:19 EST 2009

Once upon a time, nets had priority if they published their frequency 
and time of operation.  That is not true anymore.  You don't see net 
directories in QST or any other publication.  Not too long ago someone 
in the 7290 Traffic Net, which claims to be part of the national traffic 
system, complained about W8VYZ being on 7.290.  He might be there an 
hour before their time or just as the net control closed the net, Bill 
would hit the switch and call CQ.

Someone taped him and the net filed a formal complaint about his type of 
operation.  Today if someone is on 7.290 using AM before the net starts 
you will hear net control near 7.285 or so calling the net and the AM 
station on 7.290.  So the days of net priority are over and Bill 
received a letter of exoneration from the FCC.

So if anyone thinks a net has precedence on a frequency they are wrong. 
That is an operating habit that has carried over from the days of the 
National Traffic System.  And, I imagine, if you claimed operation 
because you are crystal controlled, you would be told to get a VFO, they 
are plentiful.  Tonight I heard a couple of guys I know well on 3.775 
using AM.  I joined them and when they signed a couple of other guys, 
one in WY and another in AR joined me.

There is a group of guys who operate on 3.775 every night and, sure 
enough, suddenly very strong carriers appeared on frequency nearly zero 
beat for long periods of time.  I could hear my friends through the 
interference and, when it was my turn, I mentioned the "owners of the 
frequency" were present.  They got the message and moved.  I continued 
with my contacts for another 30 minutes or so and the frequency remained 
clear.  I would have done the same thing no matter what frequency I was 

We are allowed to use any frequency our license class permits and I do 
that.  I encourage anyone to operate anywhere they choose and if they 
are on your favorite frequency, you should politely ask if you can use 
it or simply move the the nearest open frequency.  Any good net will 
have a secondary frequency should the primary be busy, it is just good 
operating practice.



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> Finally someone who understands how to be a good AM op, Way to go
> Brett!! You are right on the money.
> Dave
> Brett Gazdzinski wrote:
>> If AM stations dont stay in the AM window during prime time, then why 
>> would
>> ssb stations respect the AM window?
>> I like the idea of hanging out between 3870 to 3890 roughly, and like 
>> when
>> people stick around the 5 KHz spacings, as I have a plazma tv noise 
>> right on
>> 3880, that leaves me 3870, 3875, 3885.
>> If there is a qso on 3873 there is no place to call CQ.
>> Lately, there seems to be lots of ssb stations in the window or very
>> close....
>> Nets and all...
>> Still, if a net started up in the middle of my qso, I would try to 
>> slide
>> someplace else...
>> Brett

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