[AMRadio] Delibrate encroachment

Frank Donnelly goober at centurytel.net
Sat Dec 5 22:47:42 EST 2009

What's all this baloney about an AM window? Sounds like someone is 
trying to relegate us AMers to the corner.
I agree with Todd in that I reserve the right to operate anywhere in the 
spectrum that my Advanced license allows me to, and while doing so I 
will try to abide by all courtesies and protocols and show some respect 
for others. If I am on a freq and someone asks me to move a bit, I will 
be happy to oblige. Just because a very smart Ham determined how to cut 
an AM envelope in half thereby reducing the bandwidth used, does NOT 
mean that thereafter all AM stations should be pushed aside. I have had 
very polite SSB Ops ask me to move a bit and I did so and , YOU KNOW 
WHAT,  we both finished our QSO's and everybody was happy.
We will always have to put up with those that think they own a Freq..  
Best to just Ignore them.
My 2 Cents.  Frank  KI0RQ

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