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WA5AM ars.w5ami at gmail.com
Sun Dec 6 12:31:10 EST 2009

Okay, I saved both of them the trouble and just deleted them.  Anyone else
need to be removed while I'm at it?

There will be issues that come up on this list, as with others from time to
time, that some people want to bicker about.  That's life folks,  at least
in a free community as we have.  If you don't want to see the crap (as you
may see it), then delete the messages or unsubscribe!  Believe me, I don't
care about numbers, as I DO NOT get paid to maintain this list.  10 members
1000 members, it's all the same to me.  I just enjoy having the ability to
allow people to come together in a common forum as we have here.  That's all
I do.  You, the members make the list what it is.  Not me.

These heated issues will die down as those before always have...  Be
patient, hit the delete key and forget it!  The pros of this list far
outweigh the cons.  I am going to create a new policy where anyone that
publicly states they are leaving this list because of a certain topic,
instead of using the DEL key will no longer be admitted!  That scenario has
happened time and time again on this list.  I've had people leave, join,
leave, join, more times that I can count over silly things like this.  I
have to approve each *new* member, and it gets a little under my skin when
some folks like to protest by leaving the list like this, just to re-join a
couple of weeks later!!  I am simply done with that childish behavior.

Statements like what Joseph (below) said about "this" list, is completely
untrue, and I know many of you will back me up on that.  This reflector has
one of the best reputations for being fair and gentlemanly of all the email
reflectors out there.  For the sake of the newcomers (and we've had a lot in
the last month), I'd appreciate others on here to welcome them, and stress
what a family we really do have here.

Thanks & 73
Brian Sherrod / wa5am

On Sun, Dec 6, 2009 at 11:02 AM, Joseph Bento <n6dgy at kirtland.com> wrote:

> I'm gone as well.  AA7IR sent me a very nice email in response to a prior
> message.  His reply was appreciated.  While I do not intend to abandon ham
> radio, I can certainly do without the bickering that goes on with this list.
> 73,
> Joe, N6DGY
> Pleasant Grove, UT
Brian Sherrod, PA
My website: "Arkansas Airwaves" - http://arkansasairwaves.net
Email : wa5am at arkansasairwaves.net
           wa5am at arrl.net

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