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Rob Atkinson ranchorobbo at gmail.com
Wed Dec 9 21:53:14 EST 2009

The West Chicago store is on my way home from work so I stopped and
got one of the 12 inch speakers and took it home.

N.B.  I'm not an audio expert and my ears have been corrupted by
decades of static crashes.  With that in mind.....

It looks fine, brand new.  I don't have anything other than a little 2
lb postal scale but it felt like it weighed around 3 pounds.  I hooked
it up to one of my little Heathkit EA-2 amps.  This is a 12 w. 20 w.
peak mono push-pull amp pair of 6BQ5s that Heath sold in the 1950s.
Couldn't remember the Z of the speaker so tried it on both 4 and 8
ohms.  Sounded best on 8 ohms.  The EA-2 gave plenty of power to drive
it.  Of course this quick test was without an enclosure for it and
using clip leads.   I tuned in a local broadcast station on 720 with
the rx on 14 KHz passband.   Full range audio, but to get the low
frequencies and highs it does require more oomph in those ranges
compared to a cabinet with 2 or three speakers and a crossover
network.   Put in a good cabinet with a zip cord to a receiver that
can put out 5 or 6 watts audio and it should sound pretty good.

Jerry when you get yours I'll be interested in knowing if my
observation squares with yours.  I don't have a cabinet to put mine in
so if you do have one, reading how it sounds in a cabinet will be
useful too.



On Wed, Dec 9, 2009 at 4:39 PM, Bernie Doran
<qedconsultants at embarqmail.com> wrote:
> Let us know, I did order some small dc gearmotors a while back and they were
> fine. these looked good to me but was afraid to say anything, someone would
> squak  Bernie.
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>> We will all learn in about a week. I just ordered two of each.
>> 73
>> Gerald D. (Jerry) Stockinger
>> K9GOZ

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