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Hi John,

You might want to consult with your friend who did the painting to learn exactly what type of paint it is and what kind of primer is underneath.

This can help you decide what type of paint and primer to go with next, and to actually get a small batch to test with for appearance and texture.

It sounds like you would prefer to respray the existing surface. If so, you have a chance to smooth out any shelf scuffs or panel scratches.  During that process, you may need or want to take down a high spot or a run, and you could expose the primer sub-layer.

That's why it's important to know the chemical nature of both the top coat and the primer now on there, to ensure compatibility with what you pick next.

As an alternative, there are several varieties of clear coatings out there that would preserve the existing black color, if you can stand that color. If I'm reading you right, you don't really like the gloss, but maybe the black, as a shade, is okay?

The clear coats come in varying degrees of "satin," such that you can effectively blunt that gloss while still having a smooth, cleanable surface. 

I like the texture and the color of the "St. James Gray" on the senior Collins models. I have a 1950 32V2 that I got from the original owner. The color makes a much better presentation than the satin two-tone gray on the junior Collins line. ( have a 51S-1F)

However, the wrinkle texture likes to entrap dust as well as fiber particles pulled from whatever I might wipe down the rig with.

Good luck and hope this is helpful.



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>A friend of mine sent me a nice Harvey Wells Bandmaster transmitter. He
>repainted the cabinet a glossy black. It looks GREAT, but is not the
>original wrinkled or gritty looking finish. It is perfectly smooth with no
>dents or scratches. He is a great painter.
> My question is: Is there a wrinkled or rough finish paint that can be
> applied DIRECTLY over this glossy black paint? Does anyone know the
> correct color for the Harvey Wells Bandmaster cabinet? I am not sure if
> St. James Gray such as the 75A Collins line would be the correct color or
> not. I seem to remember the color being a very dark gray , but not quite
> black I don't want the wrinkled (as in SX 28A face plate) color, but more
> like the finish of the cabinet on the SX 28A or the finish on the 75A line
> Your input will be appreciated. 73, John, K5PGW


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