[AMRadio] HRO question for the day

ROLYNN PRECHTL K7DFW k7dfw at clatskanie.com
Thu Dec 17 15:19:14 EST 2009

> > National decided in the HRO50 design to use a 4.3 Ohm resister in series
with the fil of both 6H6  dual diodes, ( noise blanker and detector)
dropping the fil to about 5 v.............


Perhaps it is for this reason, a method that is used in some other diode

The resistor in series with the filament reduces the no-signal d-c level on
the output. The no-signal d-c level is caused by the tube contact potential.
If not reduced it may cause a delay voltage to be present.

Maybe, maybe not. My WAG.

Back to spending my wife's inheritance.



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