[AMRadio] {Moderator Notes please read} Threads that go on and on

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Fri Dec 18 15:45:52 EST 2009

Ok guys and gals,  I was out of town for 3 days and suprised that the 
encroachment topic was still alive.  So here's the deal.  Everyone can 
have any say they wish unless and until it becomes personal.  When that 
happens either Todd, Brian or me will step in and stop what is 

This topic, admittedly, is quite old but if someone has something to say 
they can post what they will.  If it falls out of bounds per the rules, 
we will let you know either on the reflector or in a personal email. 
Your busy inbox is not against any posting rules so we are going to 
ignore that as a complaint.  And as you can see,  some people on the 
reflector see complaints about that as you are being crochity.  So it 
doesn't work for you to complain to everyone.  If you must complain, at 
the bottom of each message is a name and email address of those 
responsible for this reflector's operation.  Use one or more of them and 
send your message of complaint directly to one of us.

If it has been a while since you have read the rules, I suggest you do 


You will note there are few rules about topic, and most are about how we 
treat each other.  There is a section named "Inappropriate Submissions" 
Please remember what that section says.  Encroachment is not a subject 
about AM Radio except that it started as a result of some of us who, 
when using AM, had the problem.  That started it all and frankly it 
became old after a day or so.  But others don't read each message daily, 
especially those on the digest mode.  I have had answers to question as 
much as a week later when someone finally read the digest maybe after 
returning from a vacation.  So it can take a while for a subject to die.

If you wish to complain, send it to one of us at the address at the 
bottom of each message and we will give you an answer directly.  If you 
post a question on the reflector, then be prepared for our answer (or 
someone else's) on the reflector and it may not contain information you 
desire to read.

So with all that behind us, let me welcome all the new subscribers.  As 
you can tell this group pretty well self moderates itself.  In the years 
I have been associated with it, we have had very few scraps that 
required banning members .  Welcome to you and thanks for joining us. 
We have had a number of new people join the group and we look forward to 
a long association.  Should you have questions, find one of our email 
addresses at the bottom and send your question along.

Thanks and 73

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