[AMRadio] Threads that go on and on

sbjohnston at aol.com sbjohnston at aol.com
Sat Dec 19 12:38:45 EST 2009

You make some good points John.  If I have something to add to a 
discussion I like to make one or two comments then let the dust 

But I would caution against too much criticism of mailing list 
participants - it will tend to stifle participation as people become 
afraid of breaking the rules or getting jumped on by others.  There is 
a happy medium between the two extremes.

Steve WD8DAS

sbjohnston at aol.com
Capital City Hamfest - Sat, Jan 23 - Madison, Wisconsin

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I am not being critical of any ONE person, but the threads go and on,  
on the
reflectors. Yes, I have a delete button, but that is usually the reply 
of those
who grandstand with their posts trying to either WOW the list or PUT 
someone they don't like or agree with.

Many times, when a serious technical question or subject is brought up, 
are those who seem to see that as an invitation for a debate. About 
that time it
begins to get nasty and ungentlemanly.

I get a LOT of help from the many lists I am subscribed to because 
being the
owner of a large bone yard of vintage gear, I always have questions, if 
not to
learn something new, but to verify for myself that my analysis was 

There are those who must believe that a ham who has been licensed for 
52 years,
has worked in Broadcast and who has a General Radiotelephone (formerly 
class) license,  just left the VE testing session and doesn't know how 
to plug
his latest bell and whistle  9000 Super Duper Japanese Marvel in the 
socket. Do you think that may be why one is often asked, when he posts 
question, IS IT PLUGGED IN??????

I get some GREAT technical help and parts help from the reflectors and 
that is
why I stay subscribed. There are those so narcisistic that they have no
introspection and they proceed like a "blind hog after an acorn" as we 
say down
south, and think anything they say and do on the reflector is correct, 
and gentlemanly. That is not the case!!

So, when you start telling well meaning, gentlemanly and knowledgeable 
Radio Operators, of long standing and experience and in LIFE and 
"LIKE it or TAKE a HIKE, maybe you should get your trail map out!!  I 
love the
reflectors and am staying  and will do my best to ignore those who 
don't respect
their fellow Hams. 73, John, K5PGW

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