[AMRadio] HRO question for the day

Larry Szendrei ne1s at securespeed.us
Sat Dec 19 14:04:22 EST 2009

Dang, that was supposed to go to Bernie directly, not to the list. 
"Reply" button outsmarted me again...

Carry on.


Larry Szendrei wrote:
> Hi Bernie,
> This has nothing to do with your excellent question, but I thought I'd 
> let you know I'm pretty sure I heard you last Thursday night down on 80M 
> (not 75M) AM talking to a VE3. Let me know if that was you.
> I was just casually scanning for an AM QSO, on an old Sky Buddy, to 
> listen to while I stoked up the coal stove for the evening, and came 
> across you (if that was in fact you). Nice signal into Maine. You sound 
> younger on the air than you do on the reflector :-)
> 73,
> -Larry/NE1S

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