[AMRadio] Threads that go on and on

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Sat Dec 19 16:58:04 EST 2009

Ron and all:

Your assessment is correct.  Brian, Todd and I view this as a forum in 
which topics of discussion are considered a QSO.  People are free to 
post as many messages that are on topic as they wish.  If things wander 
substantially off topic or become personal, we will stop it.  Until then 
we are all adults and all behave in that fashion.  Thanks to all of you 
for making this list interesting  and fun.


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> Maybe I'm missing something here but aren't email threads just another 
> communication medium? How is it different from a phone discussion or 
> even a CW discussion or to the extreem, a face-to-face discussion? If 
> it's a lively discussion, that gets a lot of activity, isn't that a 
> good thing? Would we want to tell someone in a phone discussion that 
> they can only talk for 3 minutes and then move on to the next subject? 
> I don't think so! The thread is what it is! If there isn't much 
> interest, then it won't last long but if it whips up a lot of interest 
> ( opinion) then it should-could go for a while. I say so what! As long 
> as it remains civil and on topic, then let it go! If you get too many 
> emails then delete them! You don't have to read them if you are not 
> interested in the subject. Or have I missed the point?
> Ron H
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