[AMRadio] Threads that go on and on

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Sat Dec 19 19:08:13 EST 2009


I am confused.  Do you like to see any post made by others about a 
topic?  Do you think that the moderator should, after several posts, 
tell the rest to hold their comments?

Do you wish to see a time limit on a topic?  Do you not wish to see a 
time limit?

Do you wish to control what is posted?  Do you not wish to control what 
is posted?



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>I am not arguing the point, but you folks are ignoring the point that a 
>reflector is NOT a personal conversation between TWO  people, It is 
>PUBLIC forum. If it were no, members would be taking their 
>conversations to direct email between TWO people. It is obvious that 
>those who keep justifying the belaboring of miniscule points and 
>engaging in "one upmanship" to demonstrate ones' superior knowledge 
>will never admit that there are those who "run on and on" and take 
>pride in grandstanding on a public forum.
> I am not trying to pick an argument although most replies I have seen, 
> basically say "we are COMPLETELY correct and your position is without 
> merit". I am not always right but in my profession, I could have not 
> made a good living without common sense, intellect and, and very good 
> logic.
> Why don't those who like the reflector to be flooded with "on and on" 
> just say "right or wrong that is the way it is going to be and if you 
> don't like it, just leave" !!  People who RESPECT other people, don't 
> monopolize a public forum and don't feel that they MUST comment 
> repeatedly on every topic that comes up even after the topic has been 
> addressed, undressed and addressed again.
> In conclusion, I will call your attention to the Hallicrafters 
> reflector as it was several years ago and remind you that after the 
> matter was straightened out by Al Waller, the hallicrafters public 
> forum becme a pleasant, fun, informative and tolerable forum.
> Is there only one reasonable and acceptable position and is it that 
> everyone else is wrong?? 73, John, K5PGW

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