[AMRadio] Threads that go on and on

John King k5pgw at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 19 20:06:39 EST 2009

Hello Jim. The answers  are: Yes I like to see all posts that are relatively relevant and responsive to the initial post.

NO, I don't think the moderator should have to step in and say "enough is enough". I think the members should exercise SELFf control and hesitate to jump in and post input and opinion about EVERY query or subject broached on the reflector. I think WE should ask ourselves, has there been an intelligent, relevant and helpful response thus far and do I really have anything meaningful to add to the discussion? Then, we should decide whether what we have to offer  has already been posted and if the query has been fully addressed in other responses. Then we should ask ourselves, has the original poster been given sufficient information to fully address his need. Maybe we should drop the original poster a direct email to determine if further treatment of his subject matter is needed.

No! regarding the time limit, but I think the original poster should be given WHAT HE HAS ASKED FOR and not a lot more. If someone posts a query asking "what time is it", he should not be given  ten lessons on building a watch. There are often simple questions asked to which  replies are given that resemble a doctoral dissertation  that may leave the original poster of the query thinking, "I am sorry I asked because, I really didn't want to know that much". A simple question should get a simple answer!!!

No, I do not want to control what is posted. I think topics on the AM reflector should be related to the mode of AM radio and the electronic theory, electronic principles, formulas and practical application of the AM mode.

I think that well meaning Amateurs, who participate on the AM reflector or any other reflector, with the benevolent attitude of being of service to fellow Amateurs who are in need of assistance, will do what is right. I believe that those who post for the purpose of showboating, grandstanding, trying to impress others with their expertise and trying to show that his or her knowledge is SUPERIOR to other responders to a post will not do the right thing. I say, be considerate of your fellow Amateurs and use the reflector for their benefit and yours and not to IMPRESS others for your gratification and we will have a GREAT AM reflector. Self Control and respect will do the job. 73, John, K5PGW

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I am confused.  Do you like to see any post made by others about a 
topic?  Do you think that the moderator should, after several posts, 
tell the rest to hold their comments?

Do you wish to see a time limit on a topic?  Do you not wish to see a 
time limit?

Do you wish to control what is posted?  Do you not wish to control what 
is posted?



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>I am not arguing the point, but you folks are ignoring the point that a 
>reflector is NOT a personal conversation between TWO  people, It is 
>PUBLIC forum. If it were no, members would be taking their 
>conversations to direct email between TWO people. It is obvious that 
>those who keep justifying the belaboring of miniscule points and 
>engaging in "one upmanship" to demonstrate ones' superior knowledge 
>will never admit that there are those who "run on and on" and take 
>pride in grandstanding on a public forum.
> I am not trying to pick an argument although most replies I have seen, 
> basically say "we are COMPLETELY correct and your position is without 
> merit". I am not always right but in my profession, I could have not 
> made a good living without common sense, intellect and, and very good 
> logic.
> Why don't those who like the reflector to be flooded with "on and on" 
> just say "right or wrong that is the way it is going to be and if you 
> don't like it, just leave" !!  People who RESPECT other people, don't 
> monopolize a public forum and don't feel that they MUST comment 
> repeatedly on every topic that comes up even after the topic has been 
> addressed, undressed and addressed again.
> In conclusion, I will call your attention to the Hallicrafters 
> reflector as it was several years ago and remind you that after the 
> matter was straightened out by Al Waller, the hallicrafters public 
> forum becme a pleasant, fun, informative and tolerable forum.
> Is there only one reasonable and acceptable position and is it that 
> everyone else is wrong?? 73, John, K5PGW

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