[AMRadio] Globe King 500C mod for 160M

David Taylor orgoblo at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 19 21:03:28 EST 2009

Wonder what other Globe King 500C owners have done to enable fully loading on 160M to their 50 ohm antenna? I use and external L C (like a tuner). I added C across the ant loading variable but could not see how to use already installed swtiches.controls to swamp out this added cap in order to load on 40-10M. 
I am especially interested in learning whether WRL ever modified standard builds upon request for operation on 160M into a 50 ohm load. I'd like to know what was the WRL fix. Standard builds sought 300 ohm 160M antennas. 
Appreciate your inputs!
73's de Grass Valley Dave WA6PBJ

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