[AMRadio] Threads that go on and on

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Sat Dec 19 21:10:50 EST 2009

Ok John,

Here are the inappropriate submissions to the reflector.  You will note 
that there is no limit on any topic or type of answer unless the rules 
address it specifically.

Now in this list is one rule that I might interpret as applicable to 
what you are saying,

"* Replies to individuals' requests for information that are obviously 
not of significant interest to the membership at large should not be 
sent to the entire list."

You will note that this rule does not specify any type of submission. 
If is is AM Radio related then it will be approved unless it violates 
another rule in the list  So what to do?  If I, or any moderator, are so 
strict as to quell any submission that turns to humor or other 
directions,  then some of the spirit of the group is lost in my 
estimation.  Are you having trouble with the number of messages?  If so 
that is why the suggestion was made to use the filter built into your 
email client.  Also the delete key has been suggested as has the digest 

I choose the path that allows maximum expression and hope that you will 
filter what you wish to read and what you do not want to see.  It does 
get old for me because I read every post to this and the AM Swap list to 
see that the reflector is used properly.  Fortunately, it is an easy 
task since I have seen VERY few posts that were out of bounds.  I do see 
this list as an on the air QSO and not every QSO is strictly technical. 
It is just on the internet in written form but the rules do not prohibit 
anyone from saying what they wish about a topic provided they follow the 
other rules posted here for everyone to read.

The topic you are concerned with started as something related to AM 
radio, but not the technical side.  In this and any hobby, there is much 
more than a strictly technical side and we choose not to restrict all 
posts and subsequent answers no matter how long they go on unless they 
violate another rule.  So should you be interested in only the technical 
aspect of AM Radio, then be prepared to see posts here that are related 
to the subject matter but not technical in their nature.

Should anyone attack you off list on a topic from this reflector, which 
you sort of inferred in a previous message, then we want to know and 
will quell the problem.  If you receive any direct messages related to 
this list that are personal, or if you feel any posted message is 
personal then simply forward the entire message including the header to 
us and we will review the situation and make a determination.  We will 
not publish our answer to anyone but the complainant and originator of 
the messages in question.

Thank you,



Inappropriate Submissions:

* All defamatory, abusive, profane, threatening, offensive, or illegal 
materials are strictly prohibited. Proper etiquette applies for all 
postings and you should not say anything in a message that you would not 
want the world to see and to know came from you.

* Commercial advertisements (SPAMs) or solicitations should not be 
posted. Do not post commercial messages. The Cyberspace term for this is 
"spamming." It is considered very bad .

* Do not post anything that is not original unless it meets the "fair 
use" guidelines of copyright law, or unless you have permission from the 
original source. Gain permission to reprint copyrighted material before 
posting it. If you send information that is not your original work or 
ideas, please specify to readers the original source of your 
information. When posting materials, the poster voluntarily presents 
him/herself as the copyright owner or as having received permission to 
reprint copyrighted materials. AMRadio reserves the right to reject any 
postings to AMRadio containing material that may be in violation of 

* Replies to individuals' requests for information that are obviously 
not of significant interest to the membership at large should not be 
sent to the entire list.

* Personal or confidential information about others, or personal 
communications between individuals are not appropriate. Personal 
criticism of, or attacks on, individuals will not be accepted. The 
discussions put forward on AMRadio are meant to stimulate conversation 
using acceptable rules of etiquette, and should not create a contentious 
environment or defame or intentionally hurt another individual.

* Messages whose content, were it posted, might present legal problems 
for the AMRadio or AMRadio subscribers are not acceptable.

* Messages of inconsequential or non-substantive content should not be 
posted on AMRadio. This includes messages devoted solely to humor, 
jokes, or light conversation that are off topic. If you are replying 
with a message that just says, "thanks for the information," a request 
to receive a copy of what someone has offered to share, or simply to 
agree with someone by saying, "me, too," then please do not reply to the 
entire group. Instead, send your response directly to the e-mail address 
of the person who posted the message

----- Original Message ----- 

> Hello Jim. The answers  are: Yes I like to see all posts that are 
> relatively relevant and responsive to the initial post.
> NO, I don't think the moderator should have to step in and say "enough 
> is enough". I think the members should exercise SELFf control and 
> hesitate to jump in and post input and opinion about EVERY query or 
> subject broached on the reflector. I think WE should ask ourselves, 
> has there been an intelligent, relevant and helpful response thus far 
> and do I really have anything meaningful to add to the discussion? 
> Then, we should decide whether what we have to offer  has already been 
> posted and if the query has been fully addressed in other responses. 
> Then we should ask ourselves, has the original poster been given 
> sufficient information to fully address his need. Maybe we should drop 
> the original poster a direct email to determine if further treatment 
> of his subject matter is needed.
> No! regarding the time limit, but I think the original poster should 
> be given WHAT HE HAS ASKED FOR and not a lot more. If someone posts a 
> query asking "what time is it", he should not be given  ten lessons on 
> building a watch. There are often simple questions asked to which 
> replies are given that resemble a doctoral dissertation  that may 
> leave the original poster of the query thinking, "I am sorry I asked 
> because, I really didn't want to know that much". A simple question 
> should get a simple answer!!!
> No, I do not want to control what is posted. I think topics on the AM 
> reflector should be related to the mode of AM radio and the electronic 
> theory, electronic principles, formulas and practical application of 
> the AM mode.
> I think that well meaning Amateurs, who participate on the AM 
> reflector or any other reflector, with the benevolent attitude of 
> being of service to fellow Amateurs who are in need of assistance, 
> will do what is right. I believe that those who post for the purpose 
> of showboating, grandstanding, trying to impress others with their 
> expertise and trying to show that his or her knowledge is SUPERIOR to 
> other responders to a post will not do the right thing. I say, be 
> considerate of your fellow Amateurs and use the reflector for their 
> benefit and yours and not to IMPRESS others for your gratification and 
> we will have a GREAT AM reflector. Self Control and respect will do 
> the job. 73, John, K5PGW

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