[AMRadio] Globe King 500C mod for 160M

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Sat Dec 19 22:49:33 EST 2009

Hi Mikey,

Unfortunately no.  What I did to get 50 ohms for 160 on my Champ was to 
replace the bandswitch with one out of a DX 100.  It is set up with an 
additional wafer to switch in another coil which in my case was an L 
coil to lower the impedance to 50 ohms from the 300.  11 uh. following 
the tune cap will do that.

The bandswitch out of the DX 100 switches in the Pi wound coil to the 
tank circuit to will give you enough L for 160 on the DX 100.  You could 
use the Pi coil from the DX 100 and just remove turns until you have 11 
uh.  Stock as the Pi coil is 16 uh.

Not as easy as the King because there is not an empty contact to do 
that.  Gary/W7FG wired the SO 239 connector for the receiver to the 
output on his Champ and used a fixed cap with a banana plug to gain the 
extra C.  This removes the action of the relay to use for your receiver 
so you will have to have an external antenna relay if you do that. 
Again with fixed C the tuning range of the tank circuit will be limited.



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> I'm curious if this can be also done on the Champion 300. Its 160m 
> position
> is only good for a 300 ohm match.
> Mod-U-Lator,
> Mike(y)

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