[AMRadio] transformer rattle - kill or cure?

Stevan A. White w5saw at pathwayz.com
Wed Dec 23 12:17:17 EST 2009

Forgot to mention, if you do set the transformer on rubber feet be sure 
to electrically ground the frame to the chassis to maintain the 
integrity of the safety ground just in case of a winding fault.

Stevan A. White wrote:
> As a broadcast engineer I have seen (or heard) transformers rattle as 
> you've described.  My suggestion would be to let it be, especially if it 
> stops after a while.  It sounds to me like it rattles when it's cold and 
> stops after it warms up.  Does the noise gradually subside or just quit 
> abruptly?  It is annoying to listen to the laminations rattle but it 
> would be even more annoying to try to "fix" one problem and create 
> another.  Some transformer windings are spaced apart and spacers may 
> loosen some when they're cool and "tighten up" after they warm up.  I 
> used to have one that did that and it really bothered me until I talked 
> to the factory guy and he explained what was happening.  Even worse than 
> transformer laminations rattling is hearing a bank of SCRs grunting and 
> groaning.  (I'll bet some on this list even know which line of 
> transmitters I'm talking about.)  Happy Holidays to all!
> Steve White, W5SAW

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