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Fri Dec 25 17:30:12 EST 2009

Hi Jim,
I have no idea about their prices but if you can't find it anywhere else  
and are up against the wall, price is no object.
In a message dated 2009-12-25 16:59 Eastern Standard Time,  
w5jo at brightok.net writes:

That,  John, is a very good find.  They have all kinds of Mica Caps that 
are  hard to find. TNX.



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> Seasons Greetings to all.
> Some of  you may already know about this but I found a site that 
> appears  to
> have lots of hard to find parts for the really heavy iron  rigs:
> _http://www.commercialradiocompany.us/_
>  (http://www.commercialradiocompany.us/)
> I have no relationship  whatsoever with this company, but I am passing 
> it
> along for  what it is worth.
> 73,
> John,   W4AWM

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