[AMRadio] Question about Seller of Viking II's on the Auction site

Bob Bruno - K2KI k2ki at starc.org
Sun Feb 1 15:37:01 EST 2009

Hi all,

First off, If this should be posted on AMSWAP, My apologies. I was unsure.

Ok... I see two Viking II's for sale on that famous auction site. The 
seller is Radio-Mart. Am I remembering correctly that there have been 
problems with him? I really would love to have Viking II. It was my 
first radio when I got licensed. Besides, it would be nice to put on AM.

But... I don't want to shell out all my disability money on a pig in a 
poke either...

The auctions end in just over 5 hours... What say you all? Should I go 
for it?

Again, if this is not being posted to the proper place, I offer my 
deepest apologies.

73, cul...
Bob de k2ki

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