[AMRadio] Question about Seller of Viking II's on the Auction site

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Sun Feb 1 16:15:54 EST 2009

It is ok to ask this kind of question is my feelings, you are 
discussing a piece of AM equipment.  However.....and this is 
directed to anyone who responds.....please refrain from posting 
anything that can be considered slander.

I know this will put a damper on the description of some of the 
deals he may or may not have been involved in purveying, but no one 
here wants to be sued, especially me.  You may say if you were 
satisfied or not, but please don't call him any names.

I have seen some of the deals he has completed and I definitely 
would not buy from him.


----- Original Message ----- 

> Hi all,
> First off, If this should be posted on AMSWAP, My apologies. I was 
> unsure.
> Ok... I see two Viking II's for sale on that famous auction site. 
> The
> seller is Radio-Mart. Am I remembering correctly that there have 
> been
> problems with him? I really would love to have Viking II. It was 
> my
> first radio when I got licensed. Besides, it would be nice to put 
> on AM.
> But... I don't want to shell out all my disability money on a pig 
> in a
> poke either...
> The auctions end in just over 5 hours... What say you all? Should 
> I go
> for it?
> Again, if this is not being posted to the proper place, I offer my
> deepest apologies.
> 73, cul...
> Bob de k2ki

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