[AMRadio] Question about Seller of Viking II's on theAuctionsite

Dave K9UX k9ux at mchsi.com
Sun Feb 1 19:35:03 EST 2009

I know for a fact that he has been repremanded by E-bay for bidding on his 
own items with different user names.

Be careful with this guy !!!!

Dave K9UX

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>I can only say I sold him a ICOM R 71 and he told me he got it damaged and 
> ask him what was wrong he stated it didn't power up and wanted his money
> back.
> I told him send the receiver back first and let me see the damage or call
> UPS and I will start a claim.
> The next thing I know the receiver was back with me.
> I open the receiver and found that power supply board was not the same one 
> I
> had just repaired it was missing parts and broken in half.
> The deal was he took my supply out that was working correctly and put his
> defective one in.
> I am only guessing he had one with more options installed because a week
> later he had a R 71 loaded with options and I was out everything.
> I filed claim with UPS but the problem was it was not in the original box 
> I
> shipped it in also the original box was foamed packed and the box I got 
> back
> was smaller and had very few peanuts.
> So you folks out that that deal with him good luck.
> If he has changed his image, I don't know.
> I never let him bid on anything of mine ever again.
> And I surley won't bid on anything of his.
> It your call just be careful.
> Matt Parkinson Military Equipment & R 390A Depot Center
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