[AMRadio] Question about Seller of Viking II's on the Auction site

J.Hankins joe_hankins at lexcominc.net
Sun Feb 1 20:42:12 EST 2009

Sorry to be late, but I wanted to offer my two cents worth.  My 
experience (several purchases) is that he is consistent. He always 
portrays his stuff as being much better than it actually is, but you can 
usually tell that from his pictures.  By and large, what he calls 
"collector quality" most everybody else calls "as is".  Due to the years 
of bad comments, he rarely gets top dollar for his stuff, and there very 
often are deals to be had because so many people just don't bid at all.  
If you never, ever, take what he says at face value and know what things 
are really worth, you may get lucky. If you are looking for high quality 
stuff that will work out of the box or with minimal work, stay away!!!


Bob Bruno - K2KI wrote:
> Hi all,
> First off, If this should be posted on AMSWAP, My apologies. I was unsure.
> Ok... I see two Viking II's for sale on that famous auction site. The 
> seller is Radio-Mart. Am I remembering correctly that there have been 
> problems with him? I really would love to have Viking II. It was my 
> first radio when I got licensed. Besides, it would be nice to put on AM.
> But... I don't want to shell out all my disability money on a pig in a 
> poke either...
> The auctions end in just over 5 hours... What say you all? Should I go 
> for it?
> Again, if this is not being posted to the proper place, I offer my 
> deepest apologies.
> 73, cul...
> Bob de k2ki
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