[AMRadio] TEST

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Thu Feb 5 13:01:54 EST 2009

>From: "Tom Chesek" <tchesek at epix.net

> We are not doing tests today, only quizzes to prepare for tests.

According to what I have monitored on 75m, the way you are supposed to do 
tests over the air is to (1) connect the crappiest sounding microphone you 
can find, (2) put your transmitter in SSB mode, (3) turn your audio up as 
high as it will go, way past the point of distortion, turn on your leenyar, 
making sure the blower noise comes  through loudly enough to make the meter 
read at  least half-scale, then (4) tranmit, yelling into the microphone: 
"Audio - audio -audio - aaaauuuuuuudio"

You can be assured that another SSB op will come back to you and tell you 
what a good sounding signal you have.  :-)

Don k4kyv


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