[AMRadio] TEST

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Thu Feb 5 13:09:44 EST 2009

Occasionally between the words "audio" you whistle then repeat ad 
infinitum.  Heard a guy on 3.897 this morning doing just that.  Must 
have been on the air for 5 mins.  He never said anything after he 


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>> We are not doing tests today, only quizzes to prepare for tests.
> According to what I have monitored on 75m, the way you are 
> supposed to do
> tests over the air is to (1) connect the crappiest sounding 
> microphone you
> can find, (2) put your transmitter in SSB mode, (3) turn your 
> audio up as
> high as it will go, way past the point of distortion, turn on your 
> leenyar,
> making sure the blower noise comes  through loudly enough to make 
> the meter
> read at  least half-scale, then (4) tranmit, yelling into the 
> microphone:
> "Audio - audio -audio - aaaauuuuuuudio"
> You can be assured that another SSB op will come back to you and 
> tell you
> what a good sounding signal you have.  :-)
> Don k4kyv

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