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Yes all correct   and the mic must be pre amped and place near the tonsills to insure 100%   Moduulaation !! 

Carl    wd8mfb 

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Hah!  If you really want to hear some "ghost-talking" just listen to 
27.025 anytime the band is open!    I sometimes think those guys are 
yammering, just to hear their own voices.   Lot's of calling out, but 
no conversation that I can discern! 

Ed, VA3ES 

Steve WD8DAS wrote: 
>And it's  "Howbouddat Skiplan', skiplan', ya gotta copy, c'mawn?" 

It seems strange to me that, on the occasions that I tune a receiver up 
to 11m, I very, very often hear that sort of call, but never hear the 
same people in a conversation with anyone. 

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